Community involvement is important to ABC Insight

ABC Insight’s culture is to care for community. Here are some of the ways we look after the communities in which we operate.

Padhai Underprivileged Children Foundation

Padhai was started in 2002. Padhai mainly aims at the upliftment and the welfare of girls who are homeless and those who had come out for some reason or the other. So far Padhai has succeeded in joining 58 girls back with their families. Currently Padhai consists of 23 girls ( 4 years to 22 years). They take care of them and send them to schools and colleges. They also arrange jobs for them and support them till marriage.

Sports4all Foundation

Sport 4 all Foundation is made up of a dedicated and passionate group of people that provide sporting opportunities for disadvantaged people throughout the world.

Through the power of sport people can be empowered to achieve wonderful things for their communities that improve the health and well being of people and empower them to build strong vibrant communities.

Blue Ribbon Foundation

The Victoria Police Blue Ribbon Foundation was incorporated in 1998 after several committees, all working to memorialise members of the Victoria Police killed in the line of duty, combined to form one organisation.

The Foundation has volunteer business units that manage and implement all of our fundraising events plus there are 17 regional branches in country Victoria that provide focus and fundraising in their local communities under the Blue Ribbon Foundation's mission statement.