Our ambition is to provide expert advice and services to various medical professionals, work in their business closely and make them richer through tax planning and offering various other services.

We offer all kinds of tax and accounting services to medical professionals’ ranges from ATO audit, remission of interest and penalty with ATO, Payroll tax matters and audit, work cover matters, business tax structures, pre-purchase business evaluation and business formation.

Specialised in tax and accounting services for Medical General Practitioners (GP), Consultants, General Practice Clinics, Psychologist, Physiotherapist, & Dental professionals.

We are proficient in complicated tax areas such as capital gain tax (CGT), Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT), GST, directors company loan (Division 7A), payroll tax, work cover and small business concessions.

Do you have any tax issues with ATO or Payroll tax? Are you worried? We here to assist you.

Are you in control of your superannuation? Self-managed superannuation Fund (SMSF) is a way to build wealth for your retirement. When you have a SMSF, you control where would you like to invest your super money. As a Trustee or Director of your fund, you have responsibilities to comply with Superannuation Industry Superannuation Act. We are here to assist you to comply.

When new medical professionals come to our practice, we can provide a reference to talk with other professional to ascertain our quality of services.

Whatever stage of health professional, whether you studying or General Practitioners (GP) or an experienced consultant. You can consider about other wealth creation opportunities beyond your profession.

Medical professionals require various other services such as medical insurance adviser, mortgage adviser, real estate agent, business adviser, legal services, and financial planner. We have contact with these providers and refer our medical professionals to these advisers as and when they required.